A New Focus

After 25 years in the tech industry, I’ve decided it’s time for a new focus in life. Last Friday was my last day at Mozilla, and my wife Elisa and I are already hard at work on a non-tech venture: a training program to help people develop professionally by applying the insights of psychological research and the great wisdom traditions to the challenges and opportunities of work and career.

Elisa and I have long wanted to work together and we’re excited about what we each bring to this venture. After working in finance for many years, Elisa earned a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology, so she has deep knowledge of the scientific basis for flourishing at work. She’s also taught subjects such as teamwork, theories of leadership, leadership development, challenges for first-time managers, causes of derailment, and organizational power and politics at the MBA level. She is also active as a professional business coach. Most recently she’s explored the scholarly literature on positive psychology, a relatively young field that casts fresh light on the role of character strengths in personal success as well as best practices for happiness in general.

For myself, in parallel with my technology and business background, I’ve been studying the great philosophers my whole life. In the last few years I’ve concentrated primarily on Aristotle, whose virtue-based approach to ethics provides the most solid intellectual foundation for the study of character and human fulfillment. In addition, prior to my first job in technology I worked in training and instructional design, and my experience collaborating closely with customers and partners over the last ten years will likely come in handy when Elisa and I start working with companies and individuals.

Although it’ll be a few months before we’re ready to beta test our initial offering, I already have a growing list of people who want to participate, so drop me a line via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter if you might have an interest.

One thought on “A New Focus

  1. Hi Peter. All the best with your new venture. Going out on your own is exhilarating, liberating, and scary all at once. Good that you are teamed with your wife so you can support each other when business is down and celebrate together when it’s up. Enjoy!!

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