The Mathematics of Freedom

While reading about the recent protests in China against the government’s Zero Covid policy (and, more generally, the totalitarian surveillance state established by the Chinese Communist Party), I was reminded of a fascinating quote from logician Kurt Gödel extending the results of his Incompleteness Theorem to matters of society and governance: A completely unfree societyContinue reading “The Mathematics of Freedom”

Can a Nietzschean Be a Feminist?

In one of my earliest blog posts (written in 1996!), I explained why I’m a female chauvinist. This attitude can be hard to square with my mostly positive perspective on Friedrich Nietzsche, which I explored in my book Songs of Zarathustra. After all, Nietzsche is notorious for spewing vitriol and venom regarding the role of womenContinue reading “Can a Nietzschean Be a Feminist?”

Holding Multiple Opinions

Sometimes it’s difficult to hold fewer opinions in your own mind or to engage in cognitive empathy toward others; that’s when it can help to hold multiple opinions at the same time. This might sound like the mental equivalent of juggling plates, but it’s a skill worth cultivating (and one with an ancient pedigree, asContinue reading “Holding Multiple Opinions”