At present, I am focused on two deep research projects: writing a book about Aristotle’s views on human fulfillment and defining a dialectical method of philosophical practice. However, I do make time for philosophical coaching and consulting with select clients in the following areas:

  • For individuals: personal development mentoring and coaching to make difficult life choices and achieve greater fulfillment
  • For executives and entrepreneurs: consulting to clarify organizational values and address ethical issues in business and technology
  • For therapists and counselors: advising on philosophical aspects of these helping professions
  • For authors: advising on philosophical aspects of writing fiction, poetry, and non-fiction
  • For educators: advising on philosophical aspects of curriculum design
  • For students and lifelong learners: working through the interpretation of challenging philosophical texts

As with Socrates of old, I do not charge money for these services.

Feel free to contact me via if you would like to explore further.