Photo by Joe Nestlerode

In addition to philosophical coaching with individuals, I run philosophical seminars with up to half a dozen participants.

My hypothesis is that coming together to read great books of wisdom is not only deeply enjoyable but helps us to live better and know ourselves more fully.

To test this hypothesis, we adhere to the following principles: 

1. Demonstrate Respect. We collaborate in a spirit of benevolence and mutual respect so that we can help each other gain deeper insight into nature, humanity, and ourselves. 

2. Seek Wisdom. We recognize that, through intellectual friendship, we can more fully realize lives that are animated by the love and practice of wisdom. 

3. Focus on the Text. We read great books; by focusing on the text before us, we learn together from some of the finest minds in human history. 

4. Read the Eternities. We concentrate on timeless questions of the good life; we avoid divisive ephemera such as politics and current events. 

5. Apply What We Learn. We discuss not for the sake of discussion alone, but to become more successful at the great task of living a truly human life. 

6. Cultivate Beginner’s Mind. Although our levels of knowledge vary, we strive to read each text anew and we do not defer to any participant as an unchallenged authority.

These seminars are announced beforehand at my weblog.