Why philosophical coaching?

Everyone – including you – has a philosophy of life. But for most of us it can be vague, unclear, inconsistent, even contradictory.

By learning the tools and practices of philosophical reflection, you can clearly define and successfully apply a personally meaningful philosophy of your own.

This kind of active wisdom helps you make better decisions, become more successful as a human being, and live a life of deeper meaning, coherence, and fulfillment.

The ancient Greeks called this eudaimonia or complete happiness, and it is the ultimate goal of philosophical coaching.

Latest from the Blog

Being an Integrity

Yesterday while reading an old book on East Asian folk crafts (The Unknown Crafstman by Sōetsu Yanagi, p. 153), I came across the following passage: When I am asked for a Buddhist explanation of the perception of beauty, my answer is a simple one: “One must discard one’s self”. But of course the process is notContinue reading “Being an Integrity”

Isms and Wisdom

Which came first, the ism or the wisdom? The answer is clear: there were wise people for at least tens of thousands of years before philosophical isms were invented around the sixth century BCE by the likes of Thales, Confucius, and Siddhartha Gautama. As Pierre Hadot rediscovered through his historical research into philosophy as aContinue reading “Isms and Wisdom”

Big Idea People

When we think of philosophy, we tend to think of theoretical philosophy: cloistered academics, armchair thinkers, and dreamy contemplatives arguing over the fine points of abstruse topics that have little if any practical import. This reputation is, unfortunately, well-deserved, especially in recent times. Yet if we accept the validity of philosophy as a way ofContinue reading “Big Idea People”

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