Everyone – including you – has a philosophy of life, which helps you to make sense of your experiences, define your identity, establish your purposes, guide your actions and emotions, build your relationships, and shape your future.

Yet it’s unlikely that you’ve been fortunate enough to learn the tools and practices of philosophical reflection, which would enable you to formulate a personally meaningful philosophy of your own, thus breaking free from unthinking adherence to ideologies or gurus (including your coach!).

To be your own philosopher is to be, at the highest level, your own person.

In coaching you to be your own philosopher, I rely heavily on reflective techniques pioneered by the ancient Greeks, expose you to insights from a diverse array of wisdom thinkers and traditions, and help you to integrate the results of recent scientific research.

We do this work not for the sake of idle speculation, but in pursuit of active wisdom and practical truth so that you can make better decisions, become more successful as a human being, and live a life of deeper meaning, coherence, and fulfillment. The Greeks called this eudaimonia or complete happiness, and it is the ultimate goal of philosophical coaching.

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Philosophy vs. Ideology

Today I’d like to explore some implications of my recent series of posts about the nature of opinion; specifically, the dangers of ideology. (As a reminder, so far I’ve discussed holding fewer opinions, opinions about opinions, holding multiple opinions, opinions vs. truths, and opinions weak and strong.) Ideology is insidious. When I value strict adherenceContinue reading “Philosophy vs. Ideology”

Opinions Weak and Strong

Continuing a thread that I started to explore earlier this year, I’d like to take a closer look at the intensity of opinions. Here as almost everywhere, there is a continuum: we all have opinions we hold strongly and opinions we hold weakly. Not only do the specific contents of these buckets change over time, but inContinue reading “Opinions Weak and Strong”

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