Why philosophical coaching?

Everyone – including you – has a philosophy of life. But for most of us it can be vague, unclear, inconsistent, even contradictory.

By learning the tools and practices of philosophical reflection, you can clearly define and successfully apply a personally meaningful philosophy of your own.

This kind of active wisdom helps you make better decisions, become more successful as a human being, and live a life of deeper meaning, coherence, and fulfillment.

The ancient Greeks called this eudaimonia or complete happiness, and it is the ultimate goal of philosophical coaching.

Latest from the Blog

Thinking Forward

Much of what makes human beings distinctive is what Jacob Bronowski called “a sense of the future” (in addition to his old book by that name, see also more recently Homo Prospectus by Seligman, Railton, Baumeister, and Sripada). Certainly most animals can think at least a few minutes or maybe hours in advance, but they’reContinue reading “Thinking Forward”

Virtues: One or Many?

In a post last week about the value of studying multiple philosophies, I observed that I have not read much Christian theology. As if on queue, I decided to read Augustine’s Of the Morals of the Catholic Church, written in 388 CE. The impetus was a footnote on page 179 of Daniel C. Russell’s bookContinue reading “Virtues: One or Many?”

What Is Philosophy For?

Occasionally one reads something so singularly misguided that it puts into stark relief a vital concern of human existence. In the case at hand, the vital concern is the place of philosophy in the best life for human beings and the piece of writing is a scholarly paper published just last week by philosopher HannoContinue reading “What Is Philosophy For?”

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